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Company Profile

Company name Kyowa Interface Science Co., Ltd.
Address 5-4-41 Nobitome, Niiza-City, Saitama 352-0011, Japan
Capital JPY60,000,000
Annual Sales JPY910,000,000(July 2015)
Employees 64

Corporate History

1947 Founded as Kyowa Kagaku Seiki S/S
1957 Started manufacturing & marketing Surface Tensiometer
1960 Started manufacturing & marketing Contact Angle Meter
1964 Incorporated as Kyowa Science Co., Ltd.
1974 Started manufacturing & marketing Friction Meter
1984 Changing the name of company into Kyowa Interface Science Co., Ltd.
1987 Earned the award of Industrial Technology in Saitama-prefecture
1992 Headquarters relocated to Asaka Saitama
2007 60th anniversary, All the departments relocated to Niiza, Saitama
2011 Increased the capital to JPY50,000,000
2012 First contact angle meter was awarded as "the Heritage" of analytical scientific technologies" by JAIMA and JSIA

Increased the capital to JPY60,000,000

Early model of surface tensiometer was awarded as "the Heritage" of analytical scientifec technologies by JAIMA and JSIA


Bowden type Friction-Abrasion Analyzer was awarded as "the Heritage" of analytical scientific technologies by JAIMA and JSIA

2017 70th anniversary

Client List


Intel    Apple   Google    Microsoft    3M    MIT    UCLA    Baosteel    Biel Crystal    Foxconn    Lens Technology

TPK Glass Solutions    Young Fast    TPC Paste Resin    SCG Paper




Asahi Kasei Corporation / Kuraray Co., Ltd. / Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

Toray Industries, Inc.


Mitsubishi Paper Mills, Ltd. / Nippon Paper Group, Inc. / Oji Paper Co., Ltd.


DIC Corporation / Fujifilm Corporation / Mitsubishi Chemical Company Inc.

Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. / Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co.,Ltd.

Medical Supplies/Cosmetics

Kao Corporation / Lion Corporation / Shionogi & Co., Ltd.


Bridgestone Corporation / JSR Corporation / TonenGeneral Sekiyu K.K.

Ceramics/ Glasses

Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. / Kyocera Corporation / Lixil Corporation / Toto Ltd.


JFE Steel Corporation / Nippon Steel Corporation / Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd.

Nonferrous metal Products

Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. / Furukawa-Sky Aluminum Corp

Mutsubishi Materials Corporation

General Machineries

Brother Industries, Ltd. / Daikin Industries Ltd. / Kurita Water Industries, Ltd.

Seiko Epson Corp.

Electric Electronics Machineries

Denso Corporation / Hitachi, Ltd. / Panasonic Corporation / Sharp Corporation

Sony Corporation / Toshiba Corporation


Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries, Co., Ltd. / Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Transport Machineries

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. / Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. / Toyota Motor Corporation

Precision Machineries

Canon Inc. / Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. / Hoya Corporation / Konica Minolta Holdings Inc.

Richo Company, Ltd.

Printing Business/Office supplies

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. / Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.


Nisshin Seifun Group Inc. / Sapporo Holdings Ltd.


Public Institutions

AIST-Advanced Industrial Science and Technology / Institutes of Technology and Schools

National Universities, Colleges / Regional Institutes of Industrial Research