Contact Angle Meter - DMs-401


DMs-401: standard device with manual dispenser


DMs-401: with external tilting stage for roll-off angle measurements


DMs-401: sample stage with manual xy-axes


DMs-401: possible measurement of advancing/receding angles

  • DMs-401
  • DMs-401_SA
  • DMs-401samplestage
  • DMs-401_adv_res

The DMs-401 is a compact yet high-performance surface measuring instrument for the measurement of static and dynamic contact angles, surface free energy of solids and surface and interfacial tension of liquids. Its functions can be easily extended due to its sophisticated modular design.
Optional accessories, such as a computer-controlled dispenser, temperature control devices, and an external tilting stage system are available.

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  • Automatic recognition of droplet deposition by FAMAS analysis software
  • Live image display and droplet volume monitoring
  • Movie converter
  • Manual dispenser with a set of 5 glass syringes and 5 SUS needles for precise adjustment of droplet volume and quick refilling and replacement of liquid samples
  • Fine adjustable stage in x- and z-axis for exact positioning and gentle deposition of droplets without distortion
  • Adjustable level of the body and stage
  • Droplet calibration standard for standard view, bearing one full circle for calibration and three droplet silhouettes of 5°, 60° and 108° for periodic inspection of measurement accuracy
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  • Jacket and heater type chambers for temperature measurements from +10 to +380°C
  • Heater type dispenser for temperature measurements from ambient to +380°C
  • Tilting stage for measurements of roll-off angles, incl. FAMAS software add-in [Sliding method]
  • Add-on module [Dynamic sliding method] for measurement of roll-off speed and roll-off acceleration. Only in combination with tilting stage package
  • Single automatic dispenser
  • Multi manual dispenser holder
  • Multi automatic dispenser system
  • Large capacity pump dispenser, incl. a 50ml liquid container
  • Surface free energy kit
  • Pendant drop kit (for standard & wide view)
  • Kit for captive-bubble-measurements
  • Droplet calibration standard (for wide 1 view)
  • Pendant drop calibration standard (for standard view)
  • Pendant drop calibration standard (for wide 1 and wide 2 view)
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  • Determination of wettability of surfaces like glass, metal, plastics, ceramics at ambient temperature
  • Surface cleanliness
  • Determination of surface and interfacial tension using the pendant drop kit (standard & wide view)
  • Analysis of Surface free energy of solids
  • Determination of dynamic contact angles (advancing/receding angles and roll-off angle)
  • Coating property, repellency, characterization of droplet hysteresis
  • Initial spreading, absorbing property, effect of surface active agents
  • Adhesive property, characterizing surface modification, digitalization of hydrophilicity/hydrophobicity
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Camera system
USB 2.0 CMOS camera:
60fps at 640x480 pixels                                                                                    
Optical system


field of view:
manual focus with 3 step zoom
4.0x5.3mm, 7.2x9.6mm, 10.2x13.6mm
Measuring methods

contact angle:

surface/interfacial tension: 

surface free energy of solids:

sessile drop (static and dynamic)
pendant drop (static and dynamic)
sessile drop (static)
Analysis methods

contact angle:

surface/interfacial tension:

surface free energy of solids:

θ/2, tangent, circle fitting, ellipse fitting
Young-Laplace method, ds/de method
Owens-Wendt, Kaelble-Uy, Kitazaki-Hata, Wu, acid-base, Zisman
Measuring range

contact angle:

surface/interfacial tension:

0.1 to 180°
0.1 to 100mN/m

contact angle:

surface/interfacial tension: 

Accuracy 1)

contact angle:

surface/interfacial tension:


Maximum sample surface

area and height (WxDxH)



Maximum sample weight 300g
Sample stage operation


150mm, manually by a rotary knob
20mm, manually by a rotary knob (additional 20mm by stage shifting mechanisms)

Dispenser operation
Droplet generation
Dispensing resolution


manually, by a rotary knob

Droplet deposition manually, by stage operation
Dimensions (WxDxH) 294x461x375mm
Weight ca. 6.5kg

Electric power:



Power consumption




5.5W 15VA

Operating environment

temperature: +10 to +35°C, humidity: 30-80%RH (non-condensing)

positioned away from sources of electrical noise and vibration

1) Accuracy is the repeatability in terms of standard deviation based on the manufacturer’s calibration standard

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