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How can we help you?

KYOWA offers products that will assist you with Analysis/Evaluation Qualitatively and Quantitatively from the perspective of Interface Science for various Characteristic Features required in the Coating Process flow.
This includes common measurements of “Wettability”, “Adhesion”, “Surface Tension”, “Dispersion” and “Emulsion”
KYOWA has created, improved, and evolved unique measuring techniques and product since our establishment in 1947.
Our measurement and evaluation technologies are utilized to optimize functional raw materials. Our landmark achievements helped the rapid the evolution of flat panels, semiconductors, and Nano-technologies.
In the mass production of functional raw materials, the wet-coating process is widely being used heavy use. From the start to finish of the coating process flow it is essential to control and properly identify interfacial troubles that may occur in and between raw materials.
KYOWA supports your Analysis and Optimization of Interfacial Phenomenon in Wet-Coating Processes.
Functional Raw Materials are mostly powdery substances such as fillers and nanoparticles before being built into the finished products. Fine-grain dispersion liquids after the kneading process are to be applied to substrates to form coating films through many different kinds of coating methods.
To obtain the most appropriate coating condition and quality of the coating film it is vital to find the best-suited solvent and substrate. This also aids in the feedback control of finished films in pre- and post-processes.
KYOWA always reaches out to our customers to continually find new ways to improve Wetting, Adhesion, Surface Tension, Dispersion, and Emulsion processes.


Development and Manufacturing of Coating Solvent, Composition and Kneading of Powder, Resin, and Solvent medium.
・Wettability of Pigment, Filler, Resin, and Solvent
・Dispersion and Flocculation of Pigment, Filler, Resin, and Solvent
・Solubility of Resin and Additive.
・Surface tension of Coating Liquids
Surface treatment of Substrate
・Corona-discharge, Plasma, and UV exposure improve the Wettability of the surface property.


Observation and Evaluation of Dynamic behavior of Coating solvents
・Dynamic Wettability of Coating solvents on Substrates
・Dynamic Surface Tension of Coating solvents
・Frothing and Foam Stability of Coating solvents


Assessment of Coated Film Surface
・Adhesion and Surface Free Energy of Solids
・Cohesion and Peel-off
・Antifouling, Lyophobicity and Lyophilicity
・Abrasion and Friction Resistance