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VPA(Versatile Peel Analyzer)




Schematic View of 90degree Peeling-off 



Schematic View of 90degree Peeling-off




Schematic View of Flat Cross Stage Method


Schematic View of Flat Cross Stage Method



At an angel of 90degree


 *At an angle of 90degree



 At an angel of 45degree


*At an angle of 45degree

To break down the stereotype of peel-off test and pulling test

On a materials design selection of material, adhesion properties are the most important among various evaluation items. Up to now, a peel-off test has been carried out by using and diverting a common tensile tester for metal materials in vertical direction  To cope with wide demands of application with adhesiveness and peel-off, it is essential to test with fairy light load and/or high speed of peeling off. I am as specialist in the field of material science, sticking to produce new appropriate tester for such requirements.


Development of circle rotor type VPA
One day when I was using PSA tape holder, this idea came to me in a flash. A new peel-off analyzer for very light load and high pulling speed in horizontal direction with excellent repeatability, has been invented as the first step. Especially what I have elaborated on are reducing friction to the axis of rotation, optimizing a weight of rotor, and minimizing momentum of rotor. Unique advantages of rotor type are measurable for elastic PSA tape with maintaining exact 90 degree and gaining a rate of elongation.  
Technical Executive Advisor
Yoshinori Hoshino
VPA to Flat Cross Stage type from Rotor type

To contribute to the gross claims which adherend is needed to be flat instead of curved surface and adherend is plated with Steel Use Stainless in accordance with JIS Z 00237 in order to suit to actual applications.




Laminating Technique for Sophisticated Industries

Finishes of each laminate and coating layering have a great effect on the quality of highly functional materials. Appropriate adhesive and peel-off techniques are important to film sheets used on a production process including temporary usage as protective coat and suchlike.