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After Sales Services

If you purchase Kyowa's products through Kyowa's local sales partners listed in the web page section "Where to buy", our authorized distributors or sales representatives are available for technical support and purchase of consumable parts with necessary instructions. For further details please contact your local distributor or sales representative at any time. For customers who purchase Kyowa's products directly, we will directly provide the necessary information and technical support via e-mail or phone.

We maintain the necessary parts for repair for 7 years after the end of sales of the models.  Please contact us if you would like to order repair and calibration services.

Services after sales


Most of our measuring instruments and their peripheral equipment/accessories are ready for demonstration in our showrooms located at our head office in Niiza, Saitama, Japan, less than one hour by local train from central Tokyo.
The showroom models are used for demonstration to visitors and conducting test samples for customers. If you have the opportunity to visit Japan we would very much appreciate it if you could find the time to visit our showroom.

Please contact us to make a reservation in advance.


Complimentary Sample Testing

We offer a complimentary service of testing a limited number of samples for your evaluation and purchase decision-making. We highly recommend sending us test samples so we can help you improve your decision-making process.

Please contact us or your local agent for details of this service. "Where to buy"


Complimentary Sample Testing

Contract Testing and Measuring Service

We offer our expertise as a contract testing and measuring service to our customers. This service is convenient for customers who need to measure data temporarily or who may be planning to purchase the instrument in the future but need time to budget for it. The costs depend on the instrument used, the number of samples, and also on the measurement conditions.

Please contact us or your local distributor or sales representative for details of the service. "Where to buy"


Contracted Test and Measurement Service