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You could refer some of the literatures here on pdf files or find the web site where you can download the whole papers.
As for others, please contact the publishers and soceieties for more information.
Year Title Author

Journal  Vol./Pages


Electonic Supplementary Information (ESI) for Nanoscale developing Biomedical Nano-Grainded β-type tianium alloys using High Pressure Torsion for Improved Cell Adherence Hakan Yilmazer, Mustafaο Sen, Mitsuo Niinomi, Masaaki nakai, Liu Huihong, Ken Cho, Yoshikazu Todaka, Hitoshi Shiku, and Tomokazu Matsue

The Royal Society of Chemistry 2016


Auto-Drawing and Functionalization by Vapor-Phase Assisted Polymerization on Solid Surface Satoshi Gomi, Yoshito Andou and Haruo Nishida

Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology

Volume29, Number 1(2016) 17-28


Plasma-Induced oxygen Vacancies in Ultrathin Hematite Nanoflakes Promoting Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation Changqing Zhu, Changli Li, Maojun Zheng, and Jean-Jacques delaunay

ACS Appl. Mater. Inerfaces, 2015, 7(40),pp22355-22363

2015 Morphology, Mechanical Properties and Surface Characteristics of Electrospun Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) Nanofiber Mats Zafarulla Khan, Feras Kafiah, Hafiz Zahid Shafi, Fayez Nufaiei, Sarfaraz Ahmed Furquan, Asif Matin 

International Journal of Advanced Engineering and Nano Technology (IJAENT)
ISSN: 2347-6389, Volume-2 Issue-3, February 2015 

2012 The effectiveness of UV-irradiation for osteoblast-like cell adhesion to poly-ether-ether-ketone surfaces  Okada, Y; Abe, N; Yoshida, A; Furumatsu, T; Miyazawa, S; Yokoyama, Y; Takata, N; Tanaka, R; Takahashi, H; Fujiwara, K; Kimura, H; 

Poster No. 0633 • ORS 2012 Annual Meeting


Effect of Foaming Method on Mechanical Properties of Aqueous Foams Prepared from Surfactant Solution

Masayuki Yamaguchi, Chiyo Kanoh, Jiraporn Seemork, Shogo Nobukawa and Kaori Yanase

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2012, 51 (44), pp 14408–14413

2012 Photoinduced Formation of Superhydrophobic Surface on Which Contact Angle of a Water Droplet Exceeds 170° by Reversible Topographical Changes on a Diarylethene Microcrystalline Surface  Naoki Nishikawa, Kingo Uchida et al.


2012, 28 (51),

pp 17817–17824

2011 Surface Treatment of Polymer Film by Atmospheric Pulsed Microplasma :
Study on Gas Humidity Effect for Improving the Hydrophilic Property
Kazuo Shimizu, Akira Umeda , Marius Blajan Innovation and Joint Research Center, Shizuoka University

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. 50(8), p. 08KA03

2011 The Surface Wettability of Trial Acrylic Denture Base Resins Maimaitishawuti Dilinuer, Guang Hong, WeiQi Wang, Taizo Hamada, Keiichi Sasaki

Interface Oral Health Science 2011

2012, pp252-254

2011 Design of hydrophobic surfaces for liquid droplet control Akira Nakajima

NPG Asia Materials

Vol.3 / Page49

2011 Nonionic Surfactant Mixtures in an Imidazolium-Type Room-Temperature lonic Liquid Hideki Sakai, Takanori Saitoh, Takeshi Misono, Koji Tsuchiya, Kenichi Sakai, Masahiko Abe

Journal of Oleo Science

Vol.60 /No.11 p563-567

2011 Surface adsorption and aggregate formation of nonionic surfactants in a room temperature ionic liquid,1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium hexafluorphosphate(bmimPF6) Takeshi Misono, Hedeki Sakai, Kenichi Sakai, Masahiko Abe, Tohru Inoue

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Vol 358 / pages 527-533

2008 Superhydrophilicity of rutile tio2 prepared by anodic oxidation in high concentration sulfuric acid electrolyte Naoya Masahashi

Chemistry letter

Vol.37 / Page1126
2007 Physicochemical characterization of densely packed poly(ethylene glycol) layer for minimizing nonspecific protein adsorption Hidenori Otsuka

Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology

Vol.7 / Page1



Chemical modification and wetting of medium density fibreboard panels produced form fibres treated with maleated polypropyylene wax R.A.Garcia

Wood science and technology

Vol.40 / Page402
2006 Surface free energy and morphology of chlorapatite crystals grown from sodium chloride flux T.Suzuki

Bulletin of the chemical society of Japan

Vol.79 / Page427
2006 Dynamic contact angles and morphology of pp fibres treated with plasma F.Huang

Polymer testing

Vol.25 / Page22
2006 Sliding behavior of water droplets on flat polymer surface N.Yosida

Journal of the american chemical society

Vol.28 / Page743
2006 Effects of micro- and nano-structures on the self-cleaning behaviour of lotus leaves Y.T.Cheng


Vol.17 / Page1359
2005 Spreading characteristics of aqueous surfactant solutions on polymer surfaces V.Dutschk

Tenside Surf. Det.

Vol.42 / Page82
2005 Chemically modified air-bearing surface for the near-contact regime Hiroshi Chiba

Iiee transaction on magnetics

Vol.41 / Page3049
2005 Macroscopic-wetting anisotropy on the line-patterned surface of fluoroalkylsilane monolayers M.Morita


Vol.21 / Page911
2004 Surface properties of ω-perfluorooctyl-alkyl polyacrylates: odd-even effect B.Pees

European polymer journal

Vol.40 / Page2727


 Gouttes, bulles, perles et ondes

Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, Françoise Brochard-Wyart et

David Quéré




About the validity of the so-called dupre-gamo equation C.D.Volpe

Journal of the adheision society of Japan

Vol.39 / Page64
2003 Determination of dynamic contact angles in solid-liquid-liquid systems using the wilhelmy plate apparatus Z.Muhammad

Journal of adhesion science and technology

Vol.17 / Page1187
2003 Protein adsorption on surfaces: dynamic contact-angle (dca) and quartz-crystal microbalance (qcm) measurements H.Stadler

Analytical & bioanalytical chemistry

Vol.375 / Page53
2001 Characterization of molecular interfaces in hydrophobic systems H.Murase


2001 Dynamic mechanical properties and low-velocity wetting behavior of plastic crystalline states for n-alkane blends S.J.Severtson


Vol.17 / Page4990
2001 Effects of surface modification on antifouling and performance properties of reverse osmosis membranes J.Gilron


Vol.140 / Page167
2001 Surface characterization of functionalized polylactide through the coating with heterobifunctional poly(ethylene glycol)/polylactide block copolymers Hidenori Otsuka


Vol.1 / Page39
2000 Influence of wetting properties on the long-range "hydrophobic" interaction between self-assembled alkylthiolate monolayers T.Ederth


Vol.16 / Page2177