DyneMaster DY-300                                                                     *CE Compliant

Automatic Surface Tensiometer

KYOWA’s DyneMaster tensiometers expertly employ the Wilhelmy Plate and du Noüy Ring techniques for high accuracy measurements of surface and interfacial tension. The systems are computer controlled and measure fully automatically by a single command.

DY-300 Basic model
What is Surface Tension?


square The pre-wetting function eliminates measurement errors caused by unsuccessful wetting of plate.
square Applicable for surface tension measurements of liquid samples with a volume as small as 1mL with optional 1cc lab dish.
square Ideal for Quality Control purposes with the repetitive measurement function.
square Lamella length measurements and du Noüy Ring method with a platinum ring.
square Measurement of liquid density and sedimentation behavior with optional kits.
square Temperature dependent measurements (optional with temperature control stages and peripheral devices)


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