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 Automatic Spread Oil Measuring Apparatus 【SOM-A】

In the production line of rolled steel sheet, antirust oil coating process such as DOS, ATBC is available and the quality control of the spread oil volume is significant.
This apparatus measures precisely that small amount of oil coated on rolled steels with the Hydrophil Balance method. This is an applied techique using the typical characteristics that of oil floats and spreads over water. Measurement of oil coated on the alminum sheets is also applicable.


square Small oil volume in the range of mg on a test piece can be measured.
square Oil volume can be read directly on the digital panel. The unit mg/M3 or g/BB is optionally selected.
square Using the Teflon coated trough for easy cleaning and durable against corrosion.

Periodical calibration of balancing system can be done by user.


Temperature of water and trough is controlled in order to avoid environmental temperature effects.