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Voices of Customers about the VPA

We introduce the opinions and questions from attendees to a series of our seminars of “Analysis of Adhesion and Peel Force using our Versatile Peel Analyzer (VPA)”.

I had interests in observing peel behavior in motion. I felt that setting of the instrument and the way of observing were very simple while the instrument presented a lot of information.

This is our key concept as a competitive edge.


I would like to have many exact data and consideration on observation of peel behavior.

We are on the way to develop a sort of Data Bank to pile up various kinds of measurement and would like to introduce more data for customers down the road.


Observation of peel behavior with the magnifying camera is useful because we can compare different samples at some points that we cannot figure out from numerical data nor from observation of the interface after peeling. I would like to learn more about the relationship between peel angle and adhesion as well as test results using samples with a curved surface in the future.

We are making careful preparations to test the peel force depending on the thickness of backing and curvature of the surface. If you have exact samples, you can test them at our lab in the Tokyo area.

I am interested in the dependency on angle and speed of peel test by VPA because the universal testing machine in our company allows peel tests under 180 degree and 90 degrees only. I would like to know the dependency on peel angle and see peel behavior through movies using some different tapes like strong adhesive tapes, weak ones etc.

We try to pile up test data so that we can introduce more data for customers down the road.                                                                         

I am not satisfied with the repeatability of the instrument for peel test that we own now and made by another manufacturer. I learned from your product some parameters effective to peel force and considered that they had something to do with the causes of dispersion in data problem that we now have.

(VPA users)
We need the instrument that can control test environment.

We offer a heater type stage set as an option that it is capable of heating up the peel surface of the adherend samples. Environment control devices are available for customization. Please contact us for details.

We have had some problems with the adhesion strength of tapes and resin so I am interested in the way of test and analysis of your VPA.  It can peel at any angle freely and I felt that the tests were very close to real situations.  I had the impression that your company had been developing and manufacturing unique and interesting instruments.

I have been considering that observing peeling behavior is very useful to know physical properties of materials and have been looking for possibilities to realize that. In this point, this instrument caught my interest.  I would like to observe the conditions of each materials being peeled off.
I expect your company to develop instruments that enable us to comprehend physical properties more accurately as an indicator of adhesion.

A sophisticated high-speed camera is necessary to observe peel behavior, which is available at customization. Please contact us for details.

I became interested in the function of VPA that observes peel behavior. We can look at the condition that the adhesive tape is being peeled from the substrate from the back side of it only if the substrate is glass adherent. I felt it attractive if we could observe it even when a substrate was opaque. If friction coefficient can be measured also by this instrument, I may consider purchasing it when we need to buy a new peel tester.

We consider that observation of peel behavior even on opaque substrates is possible by changing the camera angle. We deal with this camera device and measurement of coefficient of friction at customization. Please contact us for details.