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 Versatile Peel Analyzer 【VPA-2S / 3S】                                                 *CE Compliant

Pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes (PSA) are not merely known as articles of daily use but play a significant role in various forefront industries such as flat-panel display, semiconductor, and solar battery fabrication as both constitutive parts and integral part of their production process. Demands on peel adhesion, peel angle and peel rate for the optimization of adhesive tapes used in production processes vary widely depending on the applications.

Our computer-controlled Versatile Peel Analyzers with their unique Flat Plate Cross Stage method (Patent No. 4717156) can easily perform peel tests at any peel angle from 0 to 180° under a certain peel rate with only simple settings.


What are Adhesion and Peel-off?




square Peel angles between 0 to 180° can easily be set without the use of any jig and tool.

Peel strengths depending on peel speeds can be measured in just one cycle with speed incrimination.


Measurements of peel strength as low as 0.001N can be performed. e.g. for releasing paper


Low peel angle tests lessen the distortion of test PSA tape.


Available load cells:
Standard load cells: 100N for VPA-2S, 5N for VPA-3S
Optional load cells:  50N for VPA-2S, 10N, 1N, and 0.1N for VPA-3S



The most remarkable part of the VPA is its flat specimen stage, which sits on a rotary table. With help of this rotary table, the peel angle can be easily and swiftly adjusted from 0 to 180° without using any jigs or tools. The employed synchronized actuator mechanism enables a constant peel rate and peel angle, respectively, during stage travel. Neither complex adjustments nor calculations are required.

The rotation stage with Flat Plate Cross Stage moves in direction A, whereas the synchronized Flat Plate Cross Stage itself moves in direction B. Therefore, the peel speed Vp is equal to the stage speed Vs.





Sample stage set to peel angles at 30, 60, 90 and 120 degrees

Sample stage set to peel angles at 30, 60, 90 and 120 degrees.



Examples of data

Examples of data